Thank You!

We just want to start this off by saying thank you to everyone who has helped us get this whole thing rolling. If it wasn't for the constant support and encouragement from not only friends and family, but from the vast amount of support and advice from people and companies such as Pinnacle People, MC4C, Humber Growth and Hull Bid, then none of this would have ever been possible and would have forever remained a 'what if' thought in our heads. We can't thank you enough for the patience and effort you all gave us. 

 We know what we came from, and we know we couldn't have done this without any of you. 

So thank you, to all of you!

- Ash & James

The Nerds...



The Wolf Wakens

Just an Idea

Ash Tyson & James Wilson are just two nerds who both came from nothing, and who are very happy to admit that they are both just wingin' it as they go!


Just an Idea

The Wolf Wakens

Just an Idea

After working together for nearly 2 years, Ash & James noticed that there was gap for a shop that covered all forms of nerdy geek merch, so decided to go for it and just do it themselves.


The Wolf Wakens

The Wolf Wakens

The Wolf Wakens

Forming Bad Wolf Gaming Ltd in 2018 (now Fluid Fox Ltd) with nothing more than about £20 between them at the time, it took the better part of a long and stressful year to get the funding through a start-up loan and to find the right premises to make their idea a reality.

...and the Stuff



Other than selling a whole bunch of nerdy merch and gifts (ranging from comic books and collectable figures, to video games and mugs), we also offer a lot more for your in-store experience. 

Gaming rooms, Tuckshop/Bar, Cinema, and Independent pop-ups coming soon...



Throughout the year we'll be holding numerous events in-store. These will be anything from live music and performances, to encouraging customers to cosplay for in-store discount!



Being a small independent business ourselves, we know the struggles a new start-up venture can face. Therefore, for a small percentage of their total sales, we would like to offer new businesses the opportunity to use our in-store pop-up counter to help expand from a solely online presence.