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Hosting independent traders at Bad Wolf

We started this out with nothing but an idea.

When Ash and James started up this business, neither had anything behind them. They had worked in retail before and they had an idea to open a shop that would bring many different types of merch together.

They know how hard it is to start from nothing and wish to offer a hand up to independent traders in the area so they can have a place to sell their wares (if you have coin, that is...)

From time to time, independent traders will be using a space set aside with display space and a till so if you feel this is something that would interest you, come in, or send us a message and we will get you a slot to join us. Our slots are as short as a day and as long as a week which you can book with us on a first come, first served basis.

The store doesn't charge any rent for using the stand but will take a 20% commission on your final sales total (over £10 altogether), that way, if you don't make any money that day, neither will the store.

Learn More

If you would like more information how to make use of this opportunity you can always pop in to see if we are your type of people, drop us a message on our social media/email (independents@badwolfgaming.co.uk)  or you could call us on 01482 327743