The Howl #0.5 - PILOT EPISODE! [NSFW]

NSFW right from the start (cheers Nath) but now as you'll hear I did always say I'll never edit things out :) 

We've been having one hell of a busy time over xmas and the past few months, so sorry for being a bit silent on here! 

As thanks for sticking around with us, here's our very first take of The Howl before we tried to add any semblance of structure to our madness... 

We are working on getting back to regular postings, along with a few other bits and bobs along the way ;)  

The Howl #1 - SO IT BEGINS! [NSFW podcasts]

Our first official newly structured podcast 

- The Howl 

This is highly NSFW (sorrynotsorry) 

Hosted by your 3 tired idiots Ash, Jen and Nath (feat. half-dead James) 

Listen and laugh with (or at) us as we chat about future plans for the shop, Pokemon Sword & Shield, crying at anime, and Jen's new favourite drinking game! 

Music is nothing of our own work, but you can find it here:

The Howl #2 - The Dogfather


We decided to start turning stomachs instead of heads, so we've now gotten around to videoing these things :)  

Hosted by the worst threesome youtube has to offer - Ash, Jen and Nath 

This week we decided to discuss our ongoing Vampire: the Masquerade campaign at the shop, James' nipple, and sitting on Jen's 10inch navel...

The Howl #3 - Have You Tried Turning It Off And On Again?

Sound quality is up and down until about 15mins in so watch your ears at the start! We also lost some video and audio footage because we're basic filthy casuals but... YA KNOW!

Hosted by your 3 usual technophobes Ash, Jen and Nath!

Join us for yet more V:tM references (it really does take over your life...), how we definitely aren't sponsored by anyone (cough, cough) and how much we just love Lee and his camera ^_^

Music? find it here: